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AGKG - Silver1Kilo - ERC20 Ethereum Based - Cryptocurrency Token




Thank you for your interest in Silver1Kilo, also known by it's acronym and short-name AGKG. AGKG is owned in whole by Corporation LLC. which is located, owned and operated within the state of North Carolina in the United States of America. is a professional service provider of secure vault storage of precious metal silver bullion, specifically in the format of kilogram bars and traded only with Ethereum Cryptocurrency. When you own AGKG, that is your electronic reciept that you use to control physical delivery of your silver or on-demand conversion back into Ethereum cryptocurrency. Please note, you may only retrieve your physical silver in whole amounts. Collect fractions of AGKG silver at a time allows the investor to work towards the goal of reaching 1 whole unit, which is equal to 1 kilogram of silver. The silver we buy for our customers is purchased directly from All of the investor's silver purchases are shipped directly to Citadel Secure Vault Services and handled exclusively by Brinks Armored Transport Services.


From the instant your silver order is verified on the network it is insured. That is why we implore the utmost in security to insure we handle the transaction properly from Block to Vault.


The following chapters will be used to explain what AGKG is, how it's fundamentals work, and why it's important and necessary in today's modern investment portfolio.


This chapter will be used to discuss case studies

Case studies using known conditions

Using the classic economic business growth model "S" curve we will couple the major events that occur using the following variables

Company is starting out initial funds are low on all accounts, but there is a proven need for this service.

Company starts, meeting resistance while growth occurs slowly initially

Market is exposed to new solution, meets resistance, while growth is sustained upward

Market slows at it approaches saturation for the new service

Market stabilizes


The price of Ethereum is rising 10%/day, silver is stable, investment sentimentis centered toward the stacker

The price of Ethereum is rising rapidly, assumes other conditions same

Ethereum rises while gas prices rise

Ethereum rises while gas prices fall

Silver explodes

Ethereum explodes

Silver rises ETH fails

Both rise / fall

Silver falls ETH rises

Crypto market experiences instabilities ETH volitility high

Crypto experiences black-out event (temporary)

Crypto experiences black-out event (long term)


Other contingencies

There are a large number of fractional ethereum redemptions AGKG --> ETH

There are a large number of fractional ETH --> AGKG purchases

The amount of redemptions / conversions of Ethereum exceed total amount on hand

Funds get transferred to the wrong address... sorry

It is your responsibility to secure your on address and private key(s)

What if AGKG Owner / Administrator falls ill / dies / steals from the company


This chapter will be used to discuss ICO


This chapter will be used to discuss exchange listings


Timeline for development and launch

  • ICO┬áStrategy (how many tokens to issue, distribution of tokens, price, market cap, phases of token release, payment processing, token deployment)
  • Initially when the Silver1Kilo - AGKG contract was first written 10000 units were also created. In the beginning a different format was intended where tokens would be distributed from the contract. We later realized it would be much simpler to mint tokens only at the time of purchase. Therefore those pre-existing tokens were are burned to start with a clean slate. On a date not long ago the initial 10000 tokens were burned and the total supply of AGKG was taken to 0 total AGKG in existance.Now from that point on, when a unit of AGKG exists it can be proven that a physical bar of silver can be tied to it. And so when it is "sold", as in traded back in for ETH or physical, in that instance it is burned. When AGKG is traded from addresses to address it is neither created or destroyed and does not cost Ethereum gas to make this transaction.



  • Incentives of token ownership
  • Vault storage fees are free for life
  • Every month we pay dividends based off of a percentage of total sales for the prior month. The more people investing in AGKG the higher your monthly return.
  • Portability, Much easier to handle than physical silver
  • Security, vault stored, insured 100% from loss due to theft
  • Liquidity, Can be coverted quickly as necessary


  • Team behind the project
  • Legal aspects of the tokens
  • Marketing strategy