You are about to experience a paradigm shift in the way you consider owning physical silver.
"This goes a long way to put cryptocurrency back in it's intended realm as a secure public ledger, and gives the investor something tangible to rely on for their future financial well-being."- Chris Robertson owner

As the dollar falls and loses it's value, and with crypto's future as an asset class uncertain, silver continues to prevail and show it's value. Of course as long as all the "paper silver" that exists on the trading markets, silver will continued to be under valued. The Silver1Kilo token and venture to provide you with a stable alternative to worthless fiat currency, or a financial assest that merely exists on paper. We offer a way to grow your silver investment without incurring all the burdens of storage, theft, and lack of mobility, while offering fast reliable methods to interchange your physical silver with Ethereum, a more liquid form of payment. When you decide, you can convert it back into Ethereum, or recieve your physical silver at any time by having it shipped where ever you desire.

20220???: Introducing Silver1Kilo and it's Initial Coin Offering
Hello potential investors, welcome to the website, this is the official homepage of the Silver1Kilo. Silver1Kilo, or AGKG for short is an ERC20 based Ethereum cryptocurrency token, hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and the local block.
What is AGKG?

1 digital AGKG token = 1 physical kilogram of 99.999% pure silver


In short, if you own AGKG cryptocurrency, you own physical silver.


In fact, for every unit of AGKG that exists, somewhere in a secure vault, a physical kilogram of silver exists, and a digital paper trail that tie the two directly together, insuring that the owner of the address that binds the two, always has access and control over these precious metal assets.

The logistics of AgKg are built on strong fundamentals to insure continued and longterm growth and reliability of service. Not only do we provide you with secure and insured short and longterm storage of your precious metal silver assets with no storage fees ever, we also provide you the investor, with a regular means of return on that investment that will outpace traditional means of fiat based investment over the months and years to come. One such fundamental foundation for AgKg is the initial distribution of your funds into two primary accounts, where one account uses 90% of your initial investment directly towards the purchase of silver on your behalf. The remaining 10% gets deposited into a "float account" to serve several purposes. A small amount will always be maintained to pay future storage fees and will always remain available for that purpose in the float account. 4% is used to pay network, conversion, and transaction fees. The remainder of this portion is used to provide regular monthly dividends to all our members. Dividends are a fundemental foundation of owning AgKg. Each month, after the specified buffer is conserved, the amount that has accrued into the AGKG Float account will be distributed to all members based on the amount each member holds.

When you invest during this ICO you recieve a special allocation. Each month when the dividend fund is totalled, 10% of the dividend fund will be taken off the top and distributed only to the members that invested in the ICO, based on the amount of AgKg each member of that group owns. The 90% is then distributed to all members based on the total amount of AgKg each member owns. That makes now an incredibly good time to buy AgKg and lock in for life the special exclusive dividend bonus!

How Does It Work?
"AgKg" is an Ethereum based ERC20 cryptocurrency token.

It's properties are such that the value of the AGKG token is equal to the same unit amount in kilograms of physical silver.

For all intents and purposes, AgKg is a digital reciept, for your purchase of physical silver, where you may either allow us to hold for you, or you may recieve physical delivery of whole inventory.

We deligently gather realtime quotes for Ethereum, Silver Spot Price, the retail price of silver kilogram bars, and the cost of Ethereum gas to bring you the most accurate and up to date price to purchase this product.

When you buy AgKg,, we buy 99.999% pure physical silver on your behalf. It get's securely transported and stored such that each unique bar is ID'd and cataloged to reflect the investor(s) that are allocated a portion or whole part. Now this resource can be used to invest incrementally until a whole unit is obtained, or use AGKG as a leverage asset during times where a stable token is needed to combat those times where Ethereum is experiencing downward volitility.

As a point of reliability and standardization, we always buy directly from We always use Citadel Secure Vault Services to handle the transfer from APMEX to one of their secure vault facilities. Citadel offers many advantages over other types of storage and over its competitors. As opposed to storing in a bank safe deposit box, your holdings stored with Citadel are fully protected against physical loss, damage, theft or other liabilities. Also unlike banks, where your access may be subject to rules and limitations imposed by the government, Citadel has a storage agreement with a private company that is a global leader in security solutions.

Each member's purchases are recorded, verified, and regularly auditied throughout the entire process and periodically once your silver has reached it's final storage location.

All transactions that involve the distribution, transfer, or other form of minting or burning of AGKG are recorded with a timestamp and informative description. We believe that maintaining a complete and detailed public record helps verify and insure trust through transparency and reliable conviction to core values.

2 simple examples of ownership to highlight physical allocation:

Example 1: You own 1 Agkg = You own one physical kilogram of silver.

Example 2: You own .5 Agkg = You own half a bar of 1 kilogram of physical silver, along with others that share fractional ownership of that same bar, totaling exactly 1 kilogram.

So for every whole unit of AgKg , a specific bar is purchased for that unit. Any fractional amount of AgKg that is purchased is shared with others that invested to buy that physical bar of silver.

Any whole or fractional amount of AgKg can be converted back into Ethereum at any time.

THE PROCESS: The Ethereum you use to exchange for AgKg is transferred and split between two Ethereum accounts that the network owns and maintains. 25% is put into a "Float" account and is used for such things as dividends, lotteries, storage fees, and exchanges. The remaining 75% goes directly towards the purchase of whole kilogram bars of physical silver. The buyer receives brand new AgKg equal the value they purchased in physical silver per kilogram.

When the DTK or "Direct To Kilo" account reaches the price to purchase at least one kilogram bar of silver, an order is placed with to buy (at least one) ingot of pure 99.999% silver in the name of all the addresses who contributed to make the purchase. BitPay is the payment processor for APMEX. They help secure your purchase by signing their half of a two-part Gnosis safe signature. No Ethereum can be released from the DTK pool unless two authorized signatures sign the transaction.

Like most cryptocurrencies, AgKg is completely anonymous on the buyer's behalf.

How Do I order AGKG?

During this ICO process you can only purchase AGKG from this network gateway. Buying AGKG requires ETH, that is the only form of payment available.

Once you own ETH, ordering AGKG is simple, by visiting our Buy AGKG page.

Only 3 fields need to be filled, (2 if you want to mint your AGKG to the same address you send ETH from).

Just enter the address where the funds will come from and the amount of Ethereum you want to spend.

The total amount of AGKG for your deposit will show, and if all looks good, proceed to the next page.

You have the opportunity to review your purchase. All the quotes will be refreshed for this page and you'll have a minute to confirm your order to the blockchain. If you wait too long you'll be taken back to the initial page and you can restart or cancel your order as desired.

Once you own AGKG, you can view your holdings on any blockchain that supports Ethereum ERC20 tokens. We have created our AGKG localNET to make owning and prospecting your AGKG assets easy and informative.


Why Should I Own AGKG?

And the # 1 reason to own AgKg is...

... for the security and reliability of owning a known valuable, stable asset class.

Owning AGKG is more than owning cryptocurrency, it's owning a tangible commodity that holds significant value in today's economy. We all know silver is a commonly used material in the semiconductor and electronics industry, and it's also a popular precious metal used in the manufacturing of jewelry. Silver's value is apparent in many fields, and it will only increase in value. The supply of silver is being consumed directly as it is mined. In actuality, there are already known shortages in certain sectors. The U.S. Mint does come to mind...



6 Scenarios 
Why AGKG could be the proper investment for you.
Scenario #1
The Young Investor's Guide to Stacking / A proven method to buying that 1st kilogram bar of Silver
You've collected silver for a while or are just starting out to realize the importance of long term security when it comes to your investment portfolio. You may own a few or tens of ounces of silver of various forms. You may even hold a few ten ounce coins, but for a while you've wanted to own a whole kilogram of silver, but have never quite seemed to afford a whole block at one time. Buy buying AGKG in increments you can achieve your goal by buying fractions at a time until you reach a whole unit. Then, when that coveted day arrives, you can have that whole block sent to you anywhere on the planet. There is a $50 fee for shipping and handling in the US, $100 outside. All shipments are secure and gauranteed. This fee is charged from our holding partner and is a flat fee regardless of weight.
Scenario #2 The Traveler's Companion / I want to hold physical silver but I keep moving.
You've been working in a major metropolis for a while now, the money is too good not to. But your real home is miles away right now. You're full swing in your career and live a busy life, where the last place you'd want to be hoarding silver right now is in your apartment or sent back home for someone else to handle. Buy storing your silver with us, we can secure that 10% investment in physical while you tend to more important matters.
Scenario #3 The speculator. I don't know why, but I have this feeling that the dollar, the stock market, paper silver are all worthless. For some reason I think owning physical silver is the way to go.

You've watched the markets soar to speculative heights and seen these bubbles before. You don't trust the markets, you don't trust bonds, and you know that silver is extremely undervalued. Some say silver could easily rise to 50 times it's current value. You know if the dollar loses it's value, silver is one of the most practical alternatives due to it's ease of carrying smaller denominations and physical intrensic value.
Cryptocurrencies have also started gaining traction in the consumer market and finally getting some mainstream attention. Owning AGKG fufills both of those criterea. And while having others own AGKG won't raise the price, it will help stabilize the currency. The larger the AGKG network is, the higher the dividends are.

Scenario #4 The Hedge / Further Specualtion concerning Ethereum What if I notice the price of Ethereum is going down fast and I need to convert my Ethereum into something stable?
Owning physical silver, even in small quantities is difficult to use in today's economy. Although the author has traded many ounces of silver for products or services, it is still not typical to trade silver. You can't go to WalMart and load up your buggy and expect to pay with silver. Owning AGKG let's you trade ownership of physical silver to Ethereum with the click of a button.
Scenario #5 Major catastophy where the Ethereum / AGKG network is destroyed / All cryptocurrencies down forever.
As stated, owning AGKG is more than owning cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is merely a receipt for a transaction, a computer entry that securely records the transaction of you purchasing physical silver from us, and having it either delivered or stored securely in a remote vault facility. Monthly records are generated of all transactions and are retrieved and printed to paper in duplicate. One copy is kept on file locally, and another copy is mailed to a safe location. There are also hard-copy receipts of all purchases as well as copies sent to the same safe location. In the event of sudden severe catastrophic failure of the network or of any major or sub-branches of networks required to communicate with one another electronically, we will make every effort to make ourselves available so that you may retrieve your investment, regardless of fractional quantities as soon as possible.We have made certain local network configurations so that if necessary we can falicitate this event.
Scenario #6 I don't fit any of the above "secnarios"
Congratulations, evidently you're a trend setter. You make the trends and people eventually end up seemingly copying your "style" or "moves", and then that upsets you. First, go buy some AGKG. Then, don't be upset, the more people that copy you, the larger your dividends will be.

More points to ponder...

When you're given the freedom to choose any bank you want to do business with, you're only given the illusion of choice. Every bank, credit union, et al., who insures your deposits using FDIC funds, are all subject to the same insolvency issues and ponzi schemes the longer the fiat money is being loaned and traded for goods and services. Immediately upon creation when a dollar is printed, it will forever live it's existance in servitude to an assundry of taxes. Already the governments involved have taken half it's value for interest on past due government spending. Did you know if you gave the bank $100 to hold for your deposit into an account, that they're able to use that money at their discretion to loan 10 X's it's value held on deposit? The banks and the federal government all create fake money out of thin air and loan it out over and over again to make money off of the interest they earn through lending rates. It all works well, especially for the banks, until far down on that loan chain, banks get greedy and lazy and lend to less than perfect borrowers. A few minor freeze-ups in payments or outright defaults can create huge catastrophes and even bank failures, not a good time to have economic turmoil when you think how many loans have knowingly been leveraged to the hilt. If enough of these shaky loans fail to be paid, the whole system gets diluted, sometimes quickly, and devalued into massive inflation or worse still, worthless paper.

Update on lending leverage..., I'm sorry years ago they increased the lending rate to 100X leverage of initial deposit! Also, banks use a method called mark to market, essentially they hide all their trillions of unsecured debt off-shore overnight to avoid having these debts listed on their books. They would all instantly fail the government mandated stress tests that were implemented the last time they failed in 2008.

When you invest in AGKG there are no worries about your typical common-day thieves, be they individual, bank forclosure / seizure, or Federal Government. As by law and intrensic nature, these past metrhods of seizure are not possible using AGKG private storage. From observing the past confiscations in the 70's, we see the #1 reason to be cautious about owning gold! Holding your own physical silver in private storage with immediate access via ethereum payout becomes one of the most viable options when considering the conserviation of value and liquid availability, ease of carrying both securely and swiftly from location to location. When you hold AgKg, you hold the power of converting your AgKg into physical silver or back into Ethereum at any time when you need it.